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pdf 2022 Official Plan Popular

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Official Plan - Adopted by Council October 3, 2022.pdf

pdf 2022 Official Plan - Appendix A Popular

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Official Plan - Appendix A.pdf

pdf 2022 Official Plan - Schedule A Popular

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Official Plan - Schedule A.pdf

pdf 2022 Official Plan - Schedule B Popular

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Official Plan - Schedule B.pdf

pdf Consolidated Zoning By-Law - Schedule A Popular

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pdf Consolidated Zoning Bylaw Popular

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AthensZBL-AsAdopted.August 2016Consolidation.pdf

pdf Enlargement - Athens Village Zoning Popular

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pdf Enlargement - Charleston Zoning Popular

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pdf General Amendment to Comprehensive Zoning By Law 2013 10 & Official Plan Update New

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General Amendment to Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2013-10 & Official Plan Update.pdf

pdf Planning Application Popular

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Township of Athens Planning Application-2023.pdf

Minor Variance, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Official Plan Amendment and Site Plan Control Application