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pdf 2017 Application for a free Carbon Monoxide Detector

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2017 Carbon Monoxide Application.pdf

pdf 2017 Application for a free Smoke Alarm

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2017 Smoke Alarm Application.pdf

pdf Athens Volunteer Fire Department Application Popular

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pdf Burn Permit - Brush Popular

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Brush Permit.pdf

pdf Burn Permit - Campfire Popular

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Campfire Permit.pdf

Outdoor fireplaces and chimineas can be popular additions to your backyard living space but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these are essentially campfires and subject to the same local rules around backyard burning so a burn permit is required.

pdf Burn Permit - Incinerator Popular

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Incinerator Permit.pdf

This permit covers metal burn barrels, it is not issued for properties in the Village or built up residential areas.  You must have setbacks of 150 metres from any structure and all property lines.

pdf Home Fire Escape Plan Popular

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