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Township of Athens Community in Bloom CommitteeWho we are

Known informally as Athens Blooms, we are a volunteer group that exists to beautify public spaces in Athens Township with flowers, for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to the community.

We plant hanging baskets, planters and flower beds every Spring and coordinate the efforts of volunteers across the community who adopt a planter or flower bed and tend it throughout the summer season. 

Join us!

We welcome new committee members and volunteers.


We appreciate the support of the community in the form of sponsorship of container plantings by families, businesses and community organizations. It costs $60.00 to sponsor the flowers in a hanging basket or planter for the summer. Sponsors are acknowledged on plaques, and are issued a tax-deductible receipt.

Previous fundraising from annual plant sales also helps Athens Blooms to continue its program. The Township supports our efforts by having its Works Staff water the baskets, planters and flower beds in the village of Athens.

Lakefront Garden of the Year

Athens Blooms encourages residents to make their front yards attractive. Every front yard in the Township is automatically entered in the annual Garden of the Year contest. Each summer, Athens Blooms committee members tour the Township to select the most attractive front yard, as seen from the road. The Silver Spade Award is presented to the garden owner(s).

In 2014, the contest will focus on “front” yards which are visible, not from the road but from the water - properties which front on Charleston Lake or Lake Eloida. The judges will tour by boat, to find the most attractive lakefront garden within the Township’s boundary.                                                                                                         

Colour Theme for 2014

The flowers this summer will feature shades of pink and blue in Athens and the ever-popular theme of red and white in Charleston.

In Athens, hanging baskets and flower beds will contain a mixture of Vista ‘Bubblegum’, ‘Fuschia’ and ‘Silverberry’ petunias, as well as‘Easy Wave Blue’ petunias. Planters will feature ‘Survivor Blue’ and ‘Survivor Baby Face’ geraniums“, along with ‘Top Pot Blue’ fanflower (scaevola).

In Charleston, planters and flower beds will contain ‘Dragonwing’ begonias and “Easy Wave White’ petunias, combined with ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia.

Residents are asked to show their support by choosing similar colour combinations for hanging baskets, planters or flower beds in their own front yards. If you are gardening in shade, Athens Blooms suggests pink New Guinea impatiens (which are unaffected by the downy mildew which blighted ordinary impatiens last summer) or ‘Super Olympia Rose’ fibrous begonias,with ‘Kong Rose’ coleus for foliage contrast.  

It is suggested that Charleston residents avoid using mildew-prone red and white impatiens in shaded areas; instead, try red and white fibrous begonias or ‘New Guinea’ impatiens.

To sponsor a hanging basket or container planting, call Jean at (613) 924-1944. Help make our Township bloom in 2014!