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Township of Athens Community in Bloom CommitteeWho we are

Known informally as Athens Blooms, we are a volunteer group that exists to beautify public spaces in Athens Township with flowers, for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to the community.

We plant hanging baskets, planters and flower beds every Spring and coordinate the efforts of volunteers across the community who adopt a planter or flower bed and tend it throughout the summer season. 

Join us!

We are currently looking for new volunteers as some of our current members plan to retire.  If you are interested in joining this committee, please email Darlene Noonan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

Colour Theme for 2017

The Athens Bloom Team invites residents of Athens Township to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday by planting some red and white flowers in your own front yard.  Not sure what to plant?  Here are the names of the plants you will see in Athens Blooms' hanging baskets and planters in addition to the red and white petunias in our flower beds at the community gateway signs.  


For planters:  'Angel Face Super White' angelonia - good for adding some height to the centre of a planter.  'Blizzard Red' geraniums and 'Blizzard White' geraniums - good around the centre plant; slightly trailing.  'Survivor Dark Red' geraniums - Canada red blooms, more upright than the 'Blizzard'geraniums.  'Diamond Front' euphorbia - masses of tiny white starry blooms, good between the geraniums.  'Easy Wave Red' and 'Easy Wave White' petunias - good trailing plants for the edge of a planter.  

For Flower Beds:  'Silver Stream' white sweet alyssum - good as edger.  'Easy Wave White' petunias and 'Easy Wave Red' petunias - good space filler: will spread up to two feet in a flower bed.  'Fresh Look Red' feather celosias - upright blooms, multi-branched.  Cleome (or Spider Plant) -tall upright plants topped with "balls" of many outward-facing blooms.  Cana Lilies - tall plants with large leaves and red flowers later on in the summer - good for background.  

For Shadier Spots:  'Olympia Red' and 'Olympia White' begonias - good edger.  'King Kong' Coleus - foliage plant with red, green-edged leaves, upright growth.

To sponsor a hanging basket or container planting, call Jean at (613) 924-1944. Help make our Township bloom in 2017!