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The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville will be using pesticides on rural roadsides.  In the Township of Athens; Deir, Johnston, Lake Eloida, Mother Barnes and Scott roads are being sprayed.

Please contact the Counties if you require more detailed information regarding our program, including additional information on how to post “No Spray” signage in front of your property. This information along with maps of the roads to be sprayed is available on our website at  under Government, Divisions, Public Works, Weed Control.

List of roads and notice.


Please do your part and follow health recommendations to limit exposure and avoid all unnecessary public socializing. Stay safe and hopefully we can reduce and end the spread of COVID-19.

All municipal buildings except the municipal office will remain closed to the public until further notice. . Please check this website for regular updates.

July 20, 2020The Municipal office has opened to the public, access is limited to one resident at a time, a mask is required.  

June 3, 2020 - Interest on Tax Arrears 

Interest will once again be applied to property tax arrears effective July 2, 2020.  Interest has been waived for three months on all tax arrears in an effort to ease financial strain on our residents while dealing with COVID-19.  

Athens Food Bank Donations:

An email account has been set up to accept E-Transfer donations, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Cash or cheque donations can be dropped of at the Athens Free Methodist Church, Mondays 10:00 am - noon.

The food bank is a registered charity, tax receipts can be sent for donations over $10.00

Link to past updates



Burn permits are required for any type of fire and are issued at no cost through the municipal office. All permits must be signed by a municipal representative to be in effect.  There are three types of burn permits: Campfire, Incinerator and Brush. 

Please read the rules and regulations to ensure proper setbacks are possible at your location.

Campfire PermitMust be renewed yearly. 

Outdoor fireplaces and chimineas can be popular additions to your backyard living space.  Please keep in mind that these are essentially campfires and subject to the same local rules around backyard burning so a burn permit is required.

Incinerator Permit: Must be renewed yearly.

This permit covers metal burn barrels, it is not issued for properties in the Village or built up residential areas.  You must have setbacks of 150 metres from any structure and all property lines.

Brush Permit:  Valid for 30 days.

This permit covers large brush piles, it is not issued for properties in the Village or built up residential areas.  You must have setbacks of 150 metres from any structure and all property lines unless the material to be burned is one cubic metre or less in volume, then the fire may be located 15 metres from combustibles and 30 metres from all property lines.

It is your responsibility to check for any BURNING BAN DURING DRY WEATHER or HIGH WINDS     

If a burn ban has been issued, it will be posted on this website, on the Fire Hall Sign, Township entry road signs, local newpaper and radio stations.  Call the Municipal office at 613-924-2044 with any questions or concerns.